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What to do with this waste of space

Journals and Blogs seems to be for most of my circle of friends, a waste of time. With the exception of one or two really dedicated friends, not many use places such as these. Nothing major to read that couldnæt easily be shared over a cup of coffee. If not friends IRL, then a chat over the phone. Not on speaking terms? Share on Facebook.

I set this account up years and yars ago. made 3 posts. Meant to use it for something, never did.

Was to rant about the corporate annoyances and companies I wan boycotting due to one slight or another?

Was it to document every detail of a small and insignificant life, as if a diary that no one would read, except maybe decades from now, in some class on the study of human behaviour? As if, the fall of civilization would have to happen first and my journal have to the the only surviving record for that to happen.

I could have meant to document all the arts and crafts projects I work on. From crocheting baby dresses, to knittin scarves, to crocheting a baseball cap (didnt work well, altho great creation for the bill out of raw materials), to crossstitching xmas ornaments, to sewing small bags to keep the ashes of loved ones in.

Perhaps I meant to use this to document my attempts at cooking new recipies. I perfected pot roast in the oven. Took one try. >That was easy.

Who knows, but it's a waste of space with all of two comments, neither constructive or useful. And Now to decide should I delete this thing, leave it as a testament to the intent, or try again to do something with it?

Who knows maybe I will be back in another 7 years.


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Dec. 30th, 2012 12:18 pm (UTC)
*laughs* I guess I'm one of the dedicated few, though I have to admit I probably don't do entries as much as I used to at the peak of my LJ usage ^_^
Dec. 30th, 2012 04:43 pm (UTC)
Lol Yes you are one of the dedicated to whom I referred hon. :-D. You are still way more active than me!
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