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Insomia and cravings

Well, eventually maybe I will learn how to do neat things with icons and such, but until then, boring old Moonie as usual.

Got 3 hours of sleep yesterday, and then had a bit of a busy day. Rather passed out at 5pm, cause i just couldn't keep focusing on things anymore. I *think* my roomie called, but I am not sure if it actually happened, or if it was in my dreams. And woke up at 2am. So, now I have to figure what to do to waste the next 5 hours. Clean, study, organize, make webpages, make image files....

Had a cute end to a dream, tho. I was in a house, laying on the couch, with my brother in law on the floor. My best buds girlfriend was listening via telephone (why we called her so she could listen to the movie is utterly beyond me). The movie ended and the credits started to roll and I started trying to sing along to the song that was on. I couldn't manage to find the key, yet I kept trying for a minute. Then burst out laughing. Best buddies girlfriend was doing the same thing, but had found the key sooner. Bro-in-law just stared at me, i was laughing so hard i couldn't see straight. Finally, gasping, i got out what essentially amounted to "I keep trying to sing along, and just keep realising that I suck!" and off I went into giggles again.

If you've ever read my other diary or talked to me about dreams, you iknow that that has to be the sanest, most boring and realistic dream I have ever had. I was rather disappointed. (The first part of the dream being about my having trouble logging into the system to cashier at Walmart....)

I could really go for some food. Wonder what I could make quietly so as to not wake up my husband.......

Got plans to go out for a drink tonight with a casual friend. Have to call her later and make sure she got my text message last night.

I wonder how i put something in that little blurb box?

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